Verkilo configures three default fonts, but you may reconfigure them provided they are available when using the LaTeX font packages listed here. See Pandoc fonts for LaTeX for more information.

Fonts are configured in either the metadata.yml or the in-document Frontmatter.

The LaTeX packages used for font assignments are:

Family Default Attribute
Serif Libre Baskerville seriffont: Libre Baskerville
Sans-Serif Libre Franklin sansfont: Libre Franklin
Monospace Inconsolata monofont: Inconsolata

Why default Baskerville, Franklin & Inconsolata? Both Libre Baskerville and Libre Franklin have been optimized for use on screen. Baskerville is nice and readable, so ideal for use as body text, while Franklin is better suited to headlines. Inconsolata pairs with Baskerville & Franklin as they all share similar traits (double-story g & a, etc.). See the Libre Baskerville / Franklin / Inconsolata pairing image.

Here is an example of customizing fonts based on the Source Pro series:

seriffont: "Source Serif Pro"
sansfont: "Source Sans Pro"
monofont: "Source Code Pro"

Fonts Available

The fonts available for use are listed below. Submit an issue if you would like other fonts added.